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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Easy to Check:Transparent appearance makes it easy to confirm whether the fuse is blown.
  • Easy to Identificate:We can judge fuses with different currents according to different colors. Different colors represent different current values. International standards are: 2A gray,3A purple,5A orange,7.5A brown,10A red,15A blue,20A yellow,25A colorless and transparent,30A green,35A lavender,40A dark orange.
  • Various Sizes to choose:The specifications of automotive blade fuses are generally 2A/ 3A/ 5A/ 7.5A/ 10A/ 15A/ 20A/ 25A/ 30A/ 35A /40A and the amperage value will be marked on the top of the fuse.
  • Strong compatibility:The mini blade fuse pack is suitable for cars,boats,TrucksSUV,Motorcycl,RV,Camper,Headlamp Headlight,Vehicle,Lawn tractoretc.
  • Quality material:Made of high quality materials,the mini blade fuse can quickly and accurately blow the current,protecting your car from excessive current.

Product Details

ATN Automobile Automotive Car Auto Mini Blade Fuse:

Mini blade car fuses that are smaller than standard sizes. The mini blade fuse is composed of three parts: one is the melt part, which is the core of the fuse and plays the role of cutting off the current when it is blown. The second is the electrode part, usually there are two, it is an important part of the connection between the melt and the circuit, and it must have good conductivity. The third is the support part, which has good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and is not easy to break, deform, burn and short circuit during use.

Its miniature design meets the need to protect more circuits while taking up less space, and its ability to handle high temperatures in harsh environments makes the MINI Blade Fuse a recommended choice for protection.



Specifications of Mini Auto Fuse:

•Fast Acting •voltage rating: DC32V or less

•Material: Zn alloy and plastic

•Standard: According To SAE J1284 


Working Principle of Mini Blade Car Fuses:

When a fault or abnormality occurs in a circuit, the current increases continuously, and the increased current may damage some important or valuable components in the circuit, burn the circuit or even cause a fire. The fuse will fuse itself to cut off the current when the current abnormally rises to a certain height and at a certain time, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Application of Automobile Mini Fuse:

Mini car blade fuses are used in a wide range of applications, mainly for cars, boats, trucks SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, campers, headlights headlights, vehicles, lawn tractors, etc.





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